Here are the Art Galleries, Exhibits to See in Savannah GA This Week

Looking for art in the Savannah area? Do not go further. Here is our list of exhibitions, galleries and museums.

“Simulacra – A National Juried Art Exhibition”: September 2-19, The Gallery at Sulfur Studios, 2301 Bull St. Vernissage 5-9 p.m. September 3; artist spotlight via IG Live 2 p.m. September 11, Facebook event –

Artists from across the country share works that explore the past, present, or future of the space between subjective perception and objective reality, and have received works that run the gamut from political, personal, conceptual, horrifying and beautiful. Simulacra asks, “What is reality these days?”

Featured Artists: Peter Abrami, Brandin Baron, Balthazar, Tara Conway, Jacob Dudley, Jon Frey, Jennifer Lee Halsey, Dawn Hunter, Meg Kettelkamp, ​​Millicent Kennedy, Maya Looney, Samantha Mack, Moody Marinaro, Richard Metzgar, Kendle Moon , Bonnie Mullins, Preston James Orr, Jen Palmer, Moises Ramos, Kristin Reeves, Noah Reyes, Kris Sanford, Hannah Zimmerman. Online –

"body feeling" by Kristin Reeves.  On display with

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Submit your event to [email protected] Published online. Events printed in chronological order as space permits. Info at 912-652-0365, leave a message. Art exhibits practice COVID restrictions with face masks and social distancing.

Altarpiece: offering: until October 8, The Drive Thru Art Box at the Green Truck Pub, 2430 Habersham St. A site-specific evolving installation by Troy Wandzel. Happy Hour Artist Talk at Drive Thru Art Box: 6-8 p.m. Sept. 23;; Facebook event: Initially a portraitist focusing on painting from life, WAndzel has transformed his work into sculpture that attempts to discuss the absence of color and understand how light affects form.

"Altarpiece: Offering," one in a series, by Troy Wandzel at The Drive Thru Art Box at Green Truck Pup.

“White wig” by Mehryl Levisse: until December 12 at the SCAD Museum of Art, Levisse’s multifaceted practice explores notions of subjectivity and identity related to queer experience. Using gendered symbols and images associated with pageantry, masquerade and cabaret, the artist produces an extravagant visual language that interrogates commonly accepted conceptions of masculinity and femininity. Levisse’s performances and installations act as stages on which the genre is remixed and obscured. Master of ceremonies, the artist orchestrates the space to question the limits of the body and the societal codes that constitute our behavior.

Using gendered symbols and images associated with pageantry, masquerade and cabaret, Mehryl Levisse produces an extravagant visual language that interrogates commonly accepted conceptions of masculinity and femininity.  At SCAD MOA.

“Portal & Garden”: until September 17, then moves to Chat Gallery until October 9. Location Gallery @ Austin Hill Realty, 251 Bull St.; gallery profits were donated to Friends of the Coastal Gardens throughout the show. Friends of Coastal Gardens will also be holding a container garden sale on our giant staircase which faces Liberty Street.

"mexican palm tree," 12x12, mixed media by Antoine deVilliers.

Artists include Jamie Azevedo, Laurie Darby, Antione deVilliers, Joy Dunigan, Tate Ellington, Calli Laundre, Bellamy Murphy, Dana Richardson, Katherine Sandoz, Sarah Volker, Lisa D. Watson and Heather Young. Each artist was invited to visit the Georgia Coastal Botanical Gardens and create works inspired by their surroundings while there.

“Sun and Shadows” by John Alexander: September 1-30, JEA Art Gallery, 5111 Abercorn St.; Reception from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on September 2. The artist’s scenic and fine art photography of Savannah can be found in Savannah’s residential and commercial establishments. His images find fantasy in reality in a dreamlike state that inspires the viewer to look deeper. The printed surface comes to life in vivid color, shape, form and personality;

By John Alexander, exhibited at the JEA Art Gallery in September.

Artists of the month of August: Gallery 209, 209 E. River St.; Hannah Burtnik and Olivia Beaumont.

Burtnik creates functional pottery and court art using the process of wheel throwing and building by hand. She is fascinated by the different techniques for sculpting, adding textures and decorating her pieces. Hannah is particularly drawn to simple white glazing to highlight the patterns. All his pieces are unique.

Functional pottery and court art by Hannah Burtnik.

Beaumont is best known for her oil paintings of elaborately dressed animal figures. Olivia’s paintings are full of historical artistic references. His use of Renaissance themes, Golden Age painting techniques and costumes borrowed from the nobility of history transport viewers to an Old World. His portraits have been described by curators as haunting and moving. His intention is to invite the viewer into an enchanted world, while striking human chords of wonder, beauty and humor.

“Exploded Views”: until September 18, Laney Contemporary, 1810 Mills B. Lane Blvd. ; 11am-5pm Tuesday to Friday, 11am-2pm Saturday; by appointment, 912-438-4442 or [email protected]

Photography and video. Los Angeles-based artist Kevin Cooley captures shape-shifting elements like line, curve, and shadow as he conducts controlled explosions in the desert under the direction of a master pyrotechnician. Working with various chemical compositions, he creates different shapes, forms, colors and movements. In this sense, each image represents time and light exploding in the form of colorful and abstract spirals, clouds, tendrils and rays, much like the fireworks we see at this time of year. . Inspired by forest fires, nebulae, jellyfish, the moving trails of distant stars, and the dynamics of smoke in the atmosphere, Cooley’s work explores the human fascination with natural formations and their common visual properties.

"Sunset Exploded View," by Kevin Cooley, 2019

“A Time to Heal” by Kimberly Riner: until September 5 ON See Artist in Residence; Sulfur Studios, 2301 Bull Street; 5-9 p.m., closing reception Sept. 3;

Collaborate with the artist to make a community mourning quilt. Riner will create black sandstone clay tiles to which the community will be invited to add textures by pressing items from lost loved ones or special tokens from lost experiences, textured fabrics, or participants can visualize their emotions at the using tools and their hands. Riner will pull the tiles and begin to put them together during the residency period, allowing the public to see this part of the process. This community enterprise will be featured in its October exhibit “Impermanence” at the Savannah Cultural Arts Center.

"pattern quilt" by Kimberly Riner at Sulfur Studios.

Carrie Christian and Caroline Daruna: until August 31; JEA, 5111 Abercorn St. Christian is a local artist and art teacher. Working in a variety of materials and mediums, her latest show is inspired by family; the beautiful, chaotic and enduring love that exists within a family. Daruna is a mixed media artist and writer. Her work explores contours, confluence and emergence.

“Coming out of the mouth of madness”: artist Maxx Feist at The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave.; 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily until September 14; Maxx Feist paints monsters of all kinds. They evolve from a place of crippling social anxiety, mental anguish, great fear, great beauty, love, and caffeine overload. These monsters swim around in an assortment of geometric shapes and colors – pink is a must. By juxtaposing both light and dark, Maxx hopes to provide much-needed relief in these particularly difficult times.

Drawing by Caroline Daruna.

“Mocks“, a national juried fall art exhibition on display in the Sulfur Studios Main Gallery from September 2-19. Presented by ARTS Southeast and Sulfur Studios. More information at

Southbound visual interpretation with music: 10am-4pm Tuesday to Saturday until September 11; Photopoint Gallery, 30 Cherokee Street, Richmond Hill.

Southbound is an art exhibit visually interpreting Georgia’s vibrant and diverse musical heritage. Fifteen songs make up the playlist, a selection that includes only music performed, arranged, written, composed, produced and/or created by a Georgia musical artist. The list offers a wide variety of genres: rock, jazz, pop and R&B, soul, country and folk. Begins with “Southbound” by the Allman Brothers. Artists should create original artwork that represents a song/artist and/or its various aspects (lyrics, melodies, story, etc.) from the playlist, to visually interpret the obvious at the abstract, from the low and the dirty, to the sublime. Details and playlist online at

In progress

ARTS South East: New non-profit organization whose mission is to make Savannah a destination for art and culture in the Southeast by supporting established and emerging artists and engaging a diverse community with programming by building awareness and culture. appreciation of the arts. Sulfur Studios is the flagship program. The executive director is Emily Earl.

Savannah African Art Museum: Tours 1-5pm Wednesday-Saturday, last tour starting at 4pm; 201 E. 37th St.; Virtual tours at noon from Monday to Friday on the museum’s Facebook. The workshops continue online.

Petty Pelican Artisan Gallery: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; 802 1st St., Tybee Island;

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