How Tokenomics and NFT Art Galleries Help Autistic People Celebrate Their Creativity

People with autism often live their lives behind a veil, cut off from opportunity and appropriate support. Although we don’t often hear about it in the media, the disorder is more widespread than you might think. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 54 children in the United States was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, in 2020.

Founded by Chris Bills and Richmond Sodokpo, AUTZ is the world’s first cryptocurrency network that allows people with autism to profit from their extraordinary creativity by selling their works in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). At the same time, AUTZ is revolutionizing the charitable industry by transforming one-time donors into engaged members of the community as token shareholders who actively participate in the success of the entire network.

Within three weeks of its launch in 2021, it brought together over 3,000 people and token holders from around the world. Additionally, Chris and Richmond recently donated $10,000 worth of AUTZ tokens to the charity ‘I Serve with Joy’.

Build a vision

Once a top-flight trade rep, Chris’ pandemic kingpin made him dive headfirst into the world of cryptocurrency. He started learning about cryptography and the technology behind it about five years ago. It was during the covid-19 pandemic, however, that he started to really educate himself and discovered how he could use the industry to benefit those around him, family and friends.

Chris’ interest prompted him to reach out to a friend who taught him about smart contracts and blockchain technology, two things he calls “the backbone of crypto.” After losing his job due to the pandemic, Chris started the Crypto Wealth Club, a community program to educate people about cryptocurrency.

The platform opened many doors to the crypto space and became a meeting point for entrepreneurs and business developers who started teaching people about wallets and exchanges which helped the whole community move on. from zero to thousands. They gained knowledge and eventually delved into the field of smart contracts. These run on blockchain technology and are designed to receive and send transactions, as well as create NFTs.

Token with a good cause

Wanting to use the power of tokenomics and blockchain to make a positive difference and impact, Chris partnered with Richmond, whose daughter has autism, to build AUTZ. “We wanted to focus on something specific, not just charity in general. This is when we connected the dots and used smart contracts to turn the beautiful paintings and drawings made by autistic children into NFTs,” says Chris. The duo began to develop a team with programmers, graphic designers and social media professionals who first came together as volunteers.

After creating a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate the purchase of AUTZ tokens, the company provides benefits for people with autism and rewards token holders. Ten percent of the token supply is allocated to a charity wallet, which is then distributed to ASD charities in need of funding. Meanwhile, three percent of the value of all token transactions are automatically redistributed to AUTZ token holders based on their asset weight on a weekly basis.

When it comes to selling NFTs, Chris hopes AUTZ will provide autistic children with a way to benefit from their creativity. “If a child with autism draws a picture and we put it on the NFT market and sell it for $1,000, that $1,000 goes directly to their organization. There are no third parties involved,” he says.

Create a community

It’s safe to say that AUTZ combines community power and blockchain technology to create a self-sustaining stepping stone to economic success. There is no subscription or registration required, the token you buy is the donation. If the value of the token increases as the platform becomes more relevant, the holder ends up making money.

Chris points out that education and empowerment are important parts of the effort, AUTZ not only wants to bring people together in a unique way, they also educate the community about cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum so that people can start their own projects.

The company’s future goal is to continue to raise awareness and get AUTZ listed on major exchanges, so that the community can generate expansion, capital can grow, and the positive impact can be amplified.

Mildred D. Field