London’s coziest art galleries

We submit your release issues to the Time Out editors.

Steve de Bow asks:

“Now that the nights are getting longer, I find it hard to get up off the couch and explore the city. What are some enjoyable but cultured activities?”

Eddy Frankel, arts and culture editor says:

It’s all autumnal, cold and drizzly, but it’s warm and toasty in many of London’s excellent museums and galleries. Your first stop should be one of the central spaces of the National Gallery, where you will be settled into a world of deep crimson wallpaper, deep leather sofas and paintings of profound beauty. You do not know where to start ? Room 32 is a good goal, where you’ll see stunners like Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentilischi.

The seriously under-visited Wallace collection over in Fitzrovia offers equally warm old-fashioned comfort in its rooms filled with rococo armor and paintings, while Sir John Soane Museum allows you to lose yourself completely in the collection of sculptures and works on canvas by the great architect.

There are even more warm-hued rooms in the Dulwich Photo Gallery permanent exhibitions, where you will find works by Rembrandt, Poussin and Rubens. That should be about enough burgundy, emerald, and gold to keep someone warm (and cozy) under the collar.

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Mildred D. Field