Manga artists join Japan Art Academy for the first time

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Tokyo, Feb. 22 (Jiji Press)–Manga artists will become members of the Japan Art Academy for the first time, the honorary institution for artists announced Tuesday.

Cartoonists Yoshiharu Tsuge, 84, and Tetsuya Chiba, 83, are among nine people chosen to become new members of the academy this time around. The other seven include author Hiroyuki Itsuki, 89, and conductor Seiji Ozawa, 86.

Following the addition of the nine, which is due to take effect on March 1, the academy will have 103 members.

From that moment, the fields of manga and photographic and visual arts joined the list of fields from which new candidates for the academy are chosen.

In addition, external experts chosen by the Agency for Cultural Affairs participated in the candidate selection process. They were added in response to complaints that the process was closed.

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