Mansoor Zubairi Art Academy being established in City

LAHORE: Mansoor Zubairi, the multi-dimensional artist and award-winning sculptor, is set to establish the first state-of-the-art sculpture and art school in the provincial metropolis in early 2021.

The sculptor revealed this during a one-on-one conversation with this scribe on Monday. Mansoor, President of SAF PAK – Sculpture Art Foundation of Pakistan, has been creating spellbinding sculptures at home and abroad for 20 years.

Lt. Gen. Khalid Maqbool (r), a former governor of Punjab, a longtime friend of Mansoor and a supporter of art and artists, is the chairman of the SAF PAK Foundation which has been the driving force behind the largest exhibition of sculptures held at the Hamail art gallery here recently.

The academy would be the most prestigious art institution, with a primary focus on sculpture. The name of this institution would be “Mansoor Zubairi Fine Arts Academy” and will be centrally located in the affluent locality of the city, where Islamic sculpture and calligraphy will be taught by Mansoor Zubairi, Isma Husain and Naheed Zaheer.

Muhammad Ali, a renowned name in the field of graphic art and grandson of Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar will be teaching graphic arts. Rohail, art lover and well-known businessman in the city, and his team will manage the academy.

Mansoor is famous for his realistic style of painting and created a lot of commotion in the art world with his “realism” in paintings and later with his unique style of symbolic color painting. He has presented his works in 125 solo exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad, including the United States, Korea, Thailand, India and Kenya, and has received awards and certificates.

Mildred D. Field