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Orlando International Airport may soon feature a giant child chasing a toy airplane and accompanied by a dog, all part of a towering sculpture that would be a visual signature for tourists disembarking at the south terminal of the airport. airport scheduled to open next year.

“The artwork is a 50-foot fiberglass child in flight, with a 15-foot ‘paper plane’ suspended in the air or preflight in hand,” reads a project proposal at the ‘airport. “Beside the child is a 15-foot fiberglass pup, a companion through her story of a symbol of home.”

The airport board on Wednesday approved the proposed room as its first choice. The final contract will be brought back to the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority for another vote.

(Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel)

The winner will receive $4.9 million, a fee that would ultimately come from the airport’s revenue stream, which includes airfare, catering and car rental fees.

“For something at the front door of our world-class community, it’s a small amount to spend,” said Terry Olson, director of arts and cultural affairs for the Orange County government and committee member who reviewed the proposals.

Many airports in the United States and around the world emphasize art, and some have attracted attention.

A huge blue horse rears up powerfully at Denver airport, and Sacramento airport is famous for a red rabbit the size of a bus, appearing to jump through a hole.

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Miami International Airport features a work of art called “Harmonic Convergence,” a 72-foot-long window wall with colored diamond-shaped panes in a white steel frame. Its nearly $800,000 cost was covered by Art in Public Places of Miami-Dade County as part of a county ordinance that allocates 1.5% of the cost of constructing new county buildings to art works. art.

(Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel)

Installed for nearly $1 million, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport displays “The Aviators,” mirrored sunglasses that weigh 2,000 pounds and are set amid a painting of puffy clouds.

Orlando airport officials said they don’t know where the proposed $4.9 million price tag stands among other artwork at the airport. But they noted that amount is less than 1% of the $3.2 billion construction cost of the new terminal.

Airport spokeswoman Carolyn Fennell said the airport’s parent agency, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, was not required to spend any amount on the art, although the airport’s art policy the airport stipulates that up to 1% of the cost of a project “may be” set aside for public art.

The signature artwork proposed for the new terminal would incur a significant amount of design, fabrication, materials, and installation costs. Artist fees are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“All of the finalists were internationally recognized artists or design teams and had produced significant public art commissions in locations around the world,” said Hansen Mulford, curator at the Orlando Museum of Art and member of the committee that selected the four finalists.

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