Top 10 art galleries of 2021

Art galleries are an important part of any city’s culture, showcasing works for sale by local and national painters, sculptors and other creatives. While the Short North has long been the focal point for independent local galleries, many have operated for years in other neighborhoods and suburbs scattered throughout the region.

This year, our readers chose ROY G BIV as the number one art gallery of 2021. After opening in 1989, ROY G BIV held exhibitions in the Short North for nearly three decades before moving to Franklinton in 2018 and to relaunch in 2019. This gallery focuses on showcasing emerging artists and monthly exhibitions in 2021 included installations by Tarun Sharma, Aimee Wissman, Manami Ishimura, Gregory Hatch and many others.

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The 10 Best Art Galleries in Columbus, Ohio:

  1. Gallery ROY G BIV
  2. wild goose creation
  3. 934 Gallery
  4. The Vanderelli Room
  5. Hammond Harkins Galleries
  6. Lindsay Gallery
  7. Sharon Weiss Gallery
  8. Brandt-Roberts Galleries
  9. Sarah Gormley Gallery
  10. Riffe Gallery

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Note: Our “Best of 2021” lists are published as the results of our annual reader survey.

Mildred D. Field